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Ending a Relationship with Less Conflict

Collaborative law is a type of alternate dispute resolution such as mediation to resolve your family law issues. Collaborative law is a way to negotiate a divorce settlement in a non-adversarial environment without resorting to litigation.  This method places you in control of your divorce and not a judge who is unfamiliar with you and your family’s circumstances.  In collaborative law, the husband and wife each have an attorney and utilize the same expert (appraiser, forensic accountant or actuary) if necessary. The parties, attorneys and experts work together to develop a parenting plan for your children and work out a mutually acceptable separation agreement.  After an agreement is reached it is presented to the court for final approval.

What are the benefits of Collaborative Law?

Many people have found that this approach reduced stress, costs and the duration of court proceedings. It also allows the litigants to have more control of the outcome of their case. Having a case proceed to trial and allowing a judge who does not know you or your family decide your fate is very disconcerting for many people.

To avoid litigation, collaborative law allows families to work together and in a more private and controlled setting.  Unlike mediation, both parties in a collaborative law are represented by counsel and meet with their attorneys to attempt to settle a case.

If you and your partner are capable of agreeing on major issues such as child-related issues and property division, this may be an efficient, timely and cost-effective way to settle your dissolution issues.

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