Chicago and Northbrook High-Asset Divorce Lawyer Protecting Your Interests

The Law Offices of Annette M. Fernholz, P.C. is dedicated to protecting the assets of clients who spend a lifetime working to accumulate those assets.  The firm works closely with you to understand your business and financial holdings, to obtain business valuations and property appraisals, and develop a strategy to achieve your goals.

When representing clients in a high net worth dissolution, you need an attorney who is adept at addressing special considerations such as:

  • Professional practices
  • Small business valuations
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Business-related debt
  • Retained earnings

It is important when valuing a small business or professional practice to divide the value without destroying an income-generating business.  The Law Offices of Annette M. Fernholz, P.C. possesses the financial knowledge to handle sophisticated issues in a high net worth divorce and to work with a network of experts to ensure your case will be in a position to settle when feasible or prepared for trial, if necessary.

Whenever a divorce involves marital business interests, obtaining an accurate and thorough valuation of the business is critical to successful resolution of the case.  Make sure your interests are strongly represented.  To learn more about valuation of assets in divorce, call 312-683-0308 or email to schedule a consultation.