Northbrook Maintenance and Spousal Support Attorney

14-maintenance-bench-quarrelAchieving a Fair Maintenance Award

During a divorce one of your primary concerns is whether you will be able to maintain the same standard of living you had during the marriage. There is no formula or guidelines when determining spousal support or alimony.

When spousal support is an issue in a divorce there are several factors that must be considered to determine the amount and duration of maintenance including:

  • The standard of living enjoyed by the parties during the marriage
  • The length of the marriage
  • The needs of each party
  • The present and future earning capacity of each party
  • The age and physical and emotional condition of both parties

A judge will consider this list and other factors when determining if it will award spousal support, for what amount and for what duration.  Law Offices of Annette M. Fernholz, P.C. can develop a strategy to protect your interests if you need maintenance or are ordered to pay spousal support. We will advocate for you in establishing a fair, equitable and reasonable alimony schedule that takes into account the length of your marriage, the earning capacity of both spouses, the duration of the spousal obligation, and the tax consequences of the maintenance.

Whether you desire spousal support or are attempting to limit your financial exposure to pay maintenance (alimony), contact Law Offices of Annette M. Fernholz, P.C. at 312-683-0308 or send an email to make an appointment.