Chicago Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Attorney

AgreementPrenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements Drafted to Protect You

If you own your own business, have significant assets, have been married before and have children or own your own business, a prenuptial agreement can help you protect those assets in the event of a future divorce.

Premarital Agreements in Illinois

A prenuptial agreement is contractual agreement executed prior to the marriage and is governed by Illinois statute.

Under Illinois law premarital agreements cannot cover child support or parenting allocation rights. The prenuptial agreements primarily concern financial issues and may address any of the following issues:

  • Property division
  • Income and household expenditures
  • Maintenance in the event of a future dissolution of marriage
  • Division of retirement assets
  • Debt allocation
  • Payment of taxes
  • Family finances

Post-Nuptial Agreements in Illinois

A post-nuptial agreement is a contract entered into between spouses after they are married. Unlike premarital agreements, it is governed by Illinois case law and not a statute.  This post-nuptial contract allows the parties to remain married and agree upon a division of assets at the time contract is entered or in the event of a divorce or the death of a party.

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